David Rolfe's Steamroller - NIS Cartridge for Original Intellivision Console

Newly manufactured by Elektronite, this is a complete, new in shrinkwrappped box Intellivision game! Includes:

  • Game cartridge
  • Box
  • Instruction manual
  • Pair of overlays
  • Unique serial number sticker

About Steamroller:

  • One or two player game
  • Original game by David Rolfe, created for the Colecovision for Activision, published by Intellivision Productions, Inc.
The ACME Steamroller Company is in a fierce competition with the NADIR Steamroller Company to win the city competition to fix potholes!
Compete on a convoluted, diabolical test track, featuring bouncing robotic beach balls, bouncing bombs, potholes and manholes!
Use your steamroller to repair the ever-deteriorating roads, crush beach balls, pick up prizes and of course, watch out for that other steamroller! With multiple labels and road mazes and ever-increasing speed, how long can you survive the non-stop frenetic action! Man your steamroller and find out!

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