King of the Mountain - NIS Cartridge for Intellivision Console

Newly manufactured by Blue Sky Rangers, Inc., this is a complete, new in shrinkwrappped box Intellivision game! Includes:

  • Game cartridge
  • Box
  • Instruction manual
  • Pair of overlays
  • Unique serial number sticker

About the game:

Head up the mountain, avoiding bears, boulders and inclement weather. But first, stock up on supplies -- you won't get far without food and shelter. But don't overpack -- the extra weight will slow you down.

Reach the top of the mountain by managing the quantity of Fire, Food, Water, Ammunition, Shelter, Raft you carry. Watch for weather conditions and do not exhaust the $300 you are given when purchasing your goods. As you climb the mountain, your health is shown by the color of your climber. Red is full health, Blue is Medium health and Yellow is low health.

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